Kitchen Project Timelines

How long will my kitchen remodel take?

It is a common practice in the remodeling industry for a couple of do-it-all handymen to “frankenstein” a remodeling project together. This at times may save you a little time and/or money (not always). What you may save in time almost always results in sacrificing the level of craftsmanship on the project. 

Revive Kitchen and Bath does not believe in sacrificing craftsmanship under any circumstance. We believe that only professional technicians and specialists at each trade should be used on each project to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and deliver a beautiful remodel each and every time.   

The average timeline for an average kitchen remodel with professional technicians at each trade takes 8-12 weeks. A small galley kitchen will typically take less time than a significantly larger kitchen. However, the square footage size is not the only consideration in estimating the timeline of a project. 

If it is a permitted project, the timeline project will take approximately 10-14 weeks on average. Permitted projects typically take longer due to the inspections necessary to receive throughout the project. A kitchen remodeling project will have on average 5-6 inspections although the number of inspections vary based on the municipal building department and the project’s scope of work.

Key factors that effect project timelines:

  • Overall size of the space and scope of the project
  • Is plumbing or electrical being moved?
  • Are you installing semi-custom or fully custom cabinets?
  • Are you installing new countertops that must be measured, fabricated and installed?
  • Is the project permitted?
  • Is an HOA involved? Is the project in a condominium complex?

Revive Kitchen and Bath assigns an experienced, expert project manager to each project to ensure the project runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Our clients receive daily updates on the progress of work so they can maintain a stress-free, hands-off approach throughout the project. Our quality control processes and professional project management ensures that our clients receive five star quality craftsmanship and a superior customer service experience.


Revive Kitchen and Bath is an award-winning design and build firm servicing the Tampa Bay area. Our firm, which was voted the Best Home Remodeler in Tampa Bay in 2021 and 2022, takes a client-centric approach to every project to ensure a 5 star project every time. Revive provides a concierge-type remodeling service allowing our customers to enjoy a stress-free remodel and receive the kitchen and bathroom of their dreams.  The remodel process starts with a free in-home consultation to devise a project plan and give you a detailed pricing breakdown. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Revive Kitchen and Bath may be of service to you, please give us a call at 813-680-4103 or visit our website to schedule your free in-home consultation now!