Kitchen Remodel Trends in Tampa for 2022

Kitchen Remodel Trends in Tampa for 2022

A kitchen isn’t just a cooking space; it provides a place for fun and remarkable memories with friends and family. It, therefore, becomes necessary to make it look great and functional to get the maximum experience out of it and make the room one of a kind. Numerous construction and remodeling contractors work diligently to ensure that their clients get the best kitchen materials and installation to help achieve their dream kitchen. Therefore, it becomes essential to take time and consider the necessary considerations when selecting the Tampa Bay kitchen and bath contractor to work with; it significantly impacts the whole process’s result.

Get a revamped kitchen look and feel

If you want to make your kitchen stand out from the rest, then consider the trending kitchen design elements found in some of Tampa’s hottest homes. From updating and remodeling kitchens for all sorts of spaces including country clubs or oceanfront homes alike; our team is here so that every detail matters. We work closely with our clients in order create their dream space.  One where they can cook up those delicious meals without worrying about how well things functioned decades ago when this building was first built.  It all starts when our dedicated experts listen to clients keenly, providing a piece of advice where necessary and developing custom solutions that work within the clients’ budget.

Quality and durable materials that add value to the home

Revive Kitchen & Bath has partnered with several trusted suppliers to enable clients to receive premium quality products that achieve durability. Our kitchen designers and remodelers ensure that our clients get a modern kitchen with excellent quality products used to achieve optimum functionality. As Tampa homeowner’s choice of materials change from time to time there is a need to use a kitchen designer to remain current and stylish. Several styles, materials, and techniques are trending for kitchen remodeling in 2022, such as:

Glazed tile backsplash

The glazed tile backsplash is easy to clean and reflects the light around the room with great color results. When a glazed tile backsplash combines with rustic wood and marble work surfaces, they create a beautiful contrast while adding layers of texture to the space. If homeowners desire a muted look, then glazed white tiles make the most of the natural light, with Zelliges remaining the most popular choice. The glazed tiles have irregular surfaces and varying tones, adding texture and artisan character to the structure.

Vintage and antique combination

Mixing vintage and antiques creates a warm kitchen environment. The vintage and antiques redefine the whole space and give it a refined look while still giving the kitchen a somewhat traditional look. Premium products and materials get built to last and are often inexpensive to acquire at vintage fairs. Through simple joinery, delft tiles, period-style lighting, and antique furniture, which align with the home architectural style, the whole house has an excellent look that gives clients an authentic look.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions work efficiently compared to massive walls and wooden partitions. Tampa residents come to appreciate the numerous benefits of closing doors and the ability to escape the soundtrack of the house using glass partitions. The partition splits the spaces without compromising on the light or the togetherness feeling while helping to contain the kitchen smells within the kitchen space. Working with an experienced Tampa based kitchen remodel contractor enables clients to get the best quality glass partitions and materials. Additionally, the features enhance the kitchen space while offering an architectural interest, complementing all the other kitchen features.

Metal hoods

Metal hoods with custom-made designs in unusual finishes, making the kitchen have a unique and excellent look. The metal surfaces are eye-catching and gets made using traditional materials and specialists’ crafts. These handmade values give the kitchen a personalized touch that is unique and adds value to it. The metallic materials combine the present and the past in equal measure, impacting the whole house structure and giving the room a magnificent look.

Layered lighting

Layered lighting plays a massive role in the aesthetic look of the kitchen. The kind of light and the way they get installed significantly impact the overall kitchen look, hence the need to work with the Revive Kitchen & Bath, where the experts work diligently to ensure that clients get the kitchen they deserve. The experts give clients the right amount of lighting to successfully perform tasks within the kitchen while giving it a stylish look. The lights get properly installed and blend with the kitchen features without the lights looking odd and ruining the whole client’s kitchen space.

Work with a Trusted Tampa Bay Kitchen Remodeler

Revive Kitchen & Bath is a trusted family-owned kitchen and bath remodeling company serving Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. The experts work diligently to ensure that homeowners get their desired kitchen and bathroom, adding value to their homes. Through custom features, effective remodeling solutions, and excellent customer satisfaction. The experts have provided top quality services to every client they have worked with. Our experts uphold the highest level of service in every project phase, from the design phase to construction and installation.

Experienced and professional kitchen remodels

Revive Kitchen & Bath specializes in full-scale kitchen and bathroom remodels, enabling them to handle all the trending remodeling aspects. Be it design, permits, construction, demolition, installation, or even plumbing and electrical work. Our experts have the skills and expertise to do quality work. Our Tampa based kitchen and bathroom contractors take an all in one approach to spare clients the struggle of working with multiple contractors with every project phase completed by thoroughly trained, vetted, and experienced professionals. Using the right tools and staff, the experts ensure that clients get the best quality products that meet their kitchen needs and enhance the appeal and value of their homes.